Special Solutions

We offer the right solution for your demands. Already during the design phase special circumstances or the integration of a specific function are considered by us and converted into innovative technology.

Ever since the existence of our company, we have always focused on optimal conveying solutions in the interest of our customer, may it be a system suspended from the ceiling or erected on the floor.

Scrap conveyors

Scrap conveyors are for transporting metal scraps from sheet metal forming plants. Scraps can be steel or aluminum. The even and automatic distribution of materials such as: Container is on movable skids that perform the task of carrying the waste to the designated collection point. The material can be disposed of from the plant without interruption thanks to fill level monitoring for the container or collecting container. Scrap conveyors from ROFA are characterized by high reliability, sturdy construction, and low-maintenance, long-lasting design.

Our scrap conveyors are based on a modular concept and can be adapted specially to your conveyor application. They consist of a drive station, conveyor segments, tensioning station, and a modular steel band (slat-band chain conveyor). Changes in the conveyor level are made by ground segments and upward slope segments. Safety equipment can also be used, which ensures operating safety and personal protection, including scanners, light grids, pull-wire switches, automatic lubrication systems, steel band blocks, etc. It is powered by a roller chain. The number of conveyor elements is based on the plant’s construction depending on the amount of scrap to be transported per hour. We will design the belt division based on the load. Our strength lies primarily in implementing plants according to solution oriented requirements for specific industries.

Scrap conveyors characteristics:

  • Throughput: Steel scraps: up to 20 tons/hour, Aluminum scraps: up to 5 tons/hour
  • Speed: 6-20 m/min
  • Standard lengths: 500 mm to 3,000 mm
  • Standard track widths: 600, 800, 1,000, 1,200, 1,500 mm
  • Disposing of metal waste: Three-part moving skids, turning skids, or swivel skids


Our sales department will inform you in detail about the perfect solution for your needs.