Special Solutions

We offer the right solution for your demands. Already during the design phase special circumstances or the integration of a specific function are considered by us and converted into innovative technology.

Ever since the existence of our company, we have always focused on optimal conveying solutions in the interest of our customer, may it be a system suspended from the ceiling or erected on the floor.

Scissors lifting tables, type MT

On a higher level

Scissors lifting tables from the MT series can be used in a variety of ways. The spectrum ranges from stationary use in personnel-secured areas to integration into mobile skillets. In order to guarantee the first prerequisite, all scissors lifting tables are available in an extension version that meets performance level d and thus guarantees the safety of the person working directly on the lifting table. All scissors lifting table models meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 1570-1:2012-01, regardless of the extension variant. To reduce the drive torque, the patented lifting kinematics are based on a four-bar mechanism that is powered by a flat belt. The number of belts depends on the load capacity and the construction. The polyamide belts used are reinforced with steel and are designed so that even if a belt rips, emergency operation is still possible. Each belt can be tensioned separately and is monitored by a slack belt switch. Furthermore, our products have self-supporting lower frames, which allows the entire plant – depending on its size – be supported on 4-6 points. Naturally the scissors lifting tables can also be equipped with additional equipment beyond the respective basics. These include bellows or protective ground contact strips, for example.

Scissors lifting tables, type MT characteristics:

• MT-M15: 1,500 kg
MT-M30: 3,000 kg


Our sales department will inform you in detail about the perfect solution for your needs.