Special Solutions

We offer the right solution for your demands. Already during the design phase special circumstances or the integration of a specific function are considered by us and converted into innovative technology.

Ever since the existence of our company, we have always focused on optimal conveying solutions in the interest of our customer, may it be a system suspended from the ceiling or erected on the floor.

Heavy duty transportation > 5 tons

The new generation of rail guided transport systems

The special feature of this system is that the wheels rest with two points on the “Gothic arch” on a round rail. The contact angle equates to about 30°. Because of this, and compared to conventional crane gantries or rail tracks, power transmission is significantly increased, resulting in the ability to transport larger payloads. The combination of round track and running wheels also produces reduced friction. This minimizes the force required for movement and also the wear on the drive.

Heavy duty transportation characteristics:

  • Up to 70 ton load capacity
  • Conversion of the assembly process from insular to linear flow
  • Continuous assembly with automated flow or time controlled movements
  • The time interval can be adjusted to suit different production processes
  • Good flexibility to add-on to the system (for example to increase the production capacity)
  • Possibility to transport workers on the mounting platforms
  • Coupling with other (higher) systems is possible (e.g. Andon, Visualizing, MFR, etc.)
  • Maximum flexibility in the design of the layout
  • The rails can be driven over or fixed flush to the floor (e.g. to allow forklifts to cross)
  • using additional power transmission, extra functions are possible at any time (e.g. supply of lifting units, ride-on test, or control units)


Our sales department will inform you in detail about the perfect solution for your needs.