The leaders of the ROFA Group

The balance of continuity in corporate management and innovation in daily work for customers is what has made the ROFA Group so successful for many decades. This would not be conceivable without the close cooperation of all board members based on partnership. All three stand for the vision “We transport the future”, but in implementation, everyone is responsible for a different area.

Wolfgang Kozsar, CEO of ROFA AG

"In times of constant change, the prerequisite for success is to have clear ideas and goals, and thereby to support the change and to control it yourself. ROFA has owned these genes for decades and is a pioneer in implementing new ideas and solutions for customers without losing sight of the values of reliability and quality. Independently working creative employees with an open ear for the needs of our customers live our motto "We transport the future" and thus achieve optimal solutions for the positive development of our business partners. It is my primary goal to continue this development."

Andreas Bauer, CEO of ROFA AG

"It is my goal that every person in this company is proud of their personal contribution. When every individual is proud of what they accomplish it means that they have given their best and the accumulation of each person’s best, results in the finished product. It is this product that ensures our success and success motivates!"

Rainer Lange, CSO of ROFA AG

"Today‘s work environment and it‘s associated structures and processes are constantly changing, influenced by many things, such as digitalisation and new mobility. In the end, however, it is still people who have a decisive influence and determine, through their actions, the direction of this change. The employees we have in the ROFA Group are our most valuable asset. Through their commitment and loyalty to this company, values such as sustainability and continuity are not just key words, but lived practice."

Martin Gräb, COO Logistics Solutions of ROFA AG

"The variety of products and solutions offered by the ROFA Group has always been one of it’s strengths. That also includes the fact that the individual companies, with their distinct expert knowledge, operate as part of the group while still retaining their individual character. Our goal is to further increase this flexibility and dynamic while advancing into new markets and technologies. That is how innovative investment concepts are created that secure our customer‘s and our employee’s futures."