Vehicle control units


Our control technology covers all tasks, from simple to high requirements for modern industrial conveyor systems.

The communication channels reach from the control system with half wave transmission to Communications via conductor line bus or slotted hollow conductor. To be able to meet requirements outside the performance range of our own drive regulator, versatile interfaces to frequency controllers from other manufacturers are included as standard.

We provide variable solutions that are perfectly customized to meet the automation requirements in each case. When it comes to this, the use of various control systems, failsafe safety controls, and BUS systems that we tailor to customers and their requirements for automation and personal safety is important. For personal protection, our control technology forms an optimal bond with our conveyor systems.

There are no limits as to what our control systems can do in plants.

In order to provide the best guidance for all customers, our own “ROFA Steuerungsbau” business unit was established, which covers all tasks from design to after-sales. The controls were used in ROFA Group projects as well as offered for sale on the free market.

Bus communication

Bus communication characteristics:

  • Distance measurement without additional sensors
  • Plant management is configured (min. number of rail blocks)
  • Excellent positioning accuracy due to path value recognition
  • Profinet interface for communication with plant controls
  • Constant communication between plant controls and trolley controls
  • Failsafe communication (e.g. Profisafe) combined with failsafe safety controls (Performance Leven flexible up to PLe)

Half-wave communication

Half-wave communication characteristics:

  • Simple operation commands via half-wave signals
  • Profinet interface for communication with plant controls
  • Feedback signals via half-wave
  • Excellent positioning accuracy due to electronic positioning unit and infrared communication to vehicle controls


Our sales department will inform you in detail about the perfect solution for your needs.