High-performance order picking

The FLOWPICKER® is a fully automated high-performance order picking system for whole packaging units (packages). It enables exceptionally fast and reliable processing of orders in ergonomic work conditions. The system is suitable for nearly all types of package, processes packages of different sizes and quality simultaneously, and without an additional transport base. There is no need to label or mark goods for processing with the FLOWPICKER®, because a special window technology is used.

Packages are processed in four steps:

  • Incoming goods with automatic and/or ergonomic semi-automated depalletization
  • Transport and storage into the ORM: Order Release Module
  • Retrieval from the ORM in the proper order and transport to the packing station
  • Dispatch load carriers set up and outgoing goods

System advantages:

  • Highest order picking performance of up to several thousand picks per hour possible
  • Shortest lead times for consolidating customer orders
  • Reduced costs due to personnel deployment at stationary work stations; all transit time is eliminated
  • No additional transport bases such as trays, etc., are needed
  • No labeling or comparable markings required on packages
  • Safe and gentle transport and storage procedures
  • Automatic order picking with order packages output in proper sequence
  • Packing patterns of dispatch load carriers optimized for volume and product
  • Best ergonomics in work stations


Our sales department will inform you in detail about the perfect solution for your needs.