This is what we stand for

Every company in the ROFA Group has something that it does particularly well. But we all share a solid foundation of values. It emerged from a predominantly medium-sized corporate culture and is still proving its worth in a globalized context. In times of change, even disruptive business models, it ensures reliability and consistency among our colleagues, customers and partners.


Our customers are the focus of our actions. All the products and services we develop are an answer to their specific needs. Our cooperation is based on seeing things your way and openness, because we are convinced that trust can only grow on this ground. This in turn forms the basis for the long-term partnership we strive for.

ROFA Group Werte - Weltweit


Many of our companies have their origins in a medium-sized corporate culture. Relation to the region is strong and solidarity with the people is pronounced. On the other hand, we are present for our customers globally in order to find a solution to their challenges – no matter where they arise. The growing number of locations and branches is proof of this.
ROFA Group Werte - Flexibel


Our structures are lean, flexible and permeable. This helps us to be faster and more agile at all levels. We get customers quickly to their project goals, employees can develop quickly and trust that their strengths and talents will be seen and promoted.
ROFA Group Werte - Verantwortung


We stand by our responsibility in society and would like to give something back. That is why we support social institutions and communities as well as projects that work to protect our environment. We support talented sportspeople and teams in achieving their goals.
ROFA Group Werte - Zuverlaessig


We keep our word. We are present, honest and reliable. This is also where you can see our medium-sized roots. For us, commitments once made are binding, because we know that our customers and partners count on them to operate successfully in their business. Compliance with these simple rules is the solid foundation of our long-standing customer relationships.
ROFA Group Werte- Teamorientiert


Together you come up with solutions you can’t come up with on your own. We focus on the strengths of the group to be able to achieve goals faster and better. We are characterized by having a respectful and open approach. This respect for the ideas that everyone brings in is the ground on which innovation becomes possible.