Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGV)

Automated guided vehicle systems (AGV)

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Tractors & platform trucks | Caesar series

With the Caesar Hospital II, MLR has developed a compact, drive-under tractor for hospitals and clinics that is much shorter than and a third the weight of its predecessor. The 1.423 mm long stainless steel vehicle makes do with little space, has a small driving radius, and now fits even in small elevator cars. The low weight helps save energy and the quick-charging, maintenance- and gas-emission-free LiFePo4 battery makes short opportunity charges possible. The vehicle also has energy recovery and a sleep mode with wake up function. The tractors’s innovative energy concept now allows it to be used round the clock.

The intelligent transport vehicles travel completely autonomously, orient themselves by the natural building structure, and detect obstacles and people in their path. A powerful computer with an Intel processor and the Linux operating system serves as the control unit. A tablet can be connected directly to the vehicle via Bluetooth, WLAN, or USB cable. The vehicle in question is identified by camera and can be manually controlled, if necessary, using the intuitive, easy to operate interface. The tablet can be used to request diagnostics or perform maintenance on site.

Caesar series characteristics:

Load: Standard 150 kg – 63,000 kg
Hauling capacity: up to 5,500 kg
Safety equipment: safety edges, laser scanners with warning range based on speed, radar sensors, soft bumpers
Energy supply: Lead, NiCd, LiMnCo, or LiFePo4 batteries


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