Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGV)

Automated guided vehicle systems (AGV)

We can manage the entire implementation of your system as general contractor. We prepare the planning and tender documents, commission and oversee the suppliers, take on project management during implementation, and deliver you a turnkey-ready plant once production is finished.

You’ll profit not just from our project experience, but from our long-standing relationships with suppliers, planners, and building partners.

Specialized vehicles

Our strength is the development of custom special solutions for special and custom vehicles. This includes AGVs with scanning, weighing, or dosing functions, outdoor vehicles, and fourway or double forklifts, for example. In addition to the classic three-wheel vehicles, we offer a vehicle chassis with four- or six-wheel construction. Multi-link suspension is also possible. All wheels can be purposefully steered depending on the wheel arrangement. This technology allows both transverse and diagonal travel (crab move) and is the best choice for conditions with less space. Special requirements for hygiene and safety are predominant in food manufacturing, as well as clinics and hospitals. We can also produce driverless transport vehicles in stainless steel by request, and seal all panels and lifting equipment in accordance with protection class IP54. This allows vehicles to be disinfected on all sides with hot steam.

AGV special vehicles characteristics:

Optional extras: RFID- / barcode readers, weighing equipment, dosing equipment, roller conveyor, belt conveyor, chain conveyor, flexible lifting equipment, cover lift, dual operation
Stainless steel vehicles: IP54, dust-tight, spray-proof, jet-proof
Cleanroom approval: emissions-free, GMP approval


Our sales department will inform you in detail about the perfect solution for your needs.