Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGV)

Automated guided vehicle systems (AGV)

We can manage the entire implementation of your system as general contractor. We prepare the planning and tender documents, commission and oversee the suppliers, take on project management during implementation, and deliver you a turnkey-ready plant once production is finished.

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Stackers and forklifts | Phoenix series

The forklift vehicles from the Phoenix series come in three sizes: S, M, and L. The front designs are equipped with standardized components such as batteries, scanners, and drives. A variety of lifting gear, adjustable and telescopic forks, and roller conveyors are available as extensions. Optionally, the vehicles can be equipped with RFID readers, fork prong sensors, load measurements, or blue lights.

The modular design creates a link between the sometimes very different requirements in projects on the one hand, and the requirement of many customers for standard solutions. With the modular concept, vehicles can be designed for specific customer requirements quickly and cost-effectively.

Phoenix series characteristics:

Load: Standard up to 1,500 kg, special up to 4,500 kg
Lifting height: 1,200 to 3,000 mm
Safety equipment: safety edges, laser scanners with warning range based on speed, soft bumpers
Energy supply: Lead, NiCd, LiMnCo, or LiFePo4 batteries


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