Intralogistic Systems

Optimal use of space

High-bay warehouses

High-bay warehouses offer high utilization of space in warehouses for storing pallets, special load carriers, heavy loads, or lattice boxes. They are transported within the warehouse manually or by means of stacker crane and managed through a warehouse management system.

High-bay warehouses consist of a steel construction with rows of shelves and aisles; wooden variants are also possible, but extremely uncommon. Goods can be stored one or two rows deep. In new constructions, they are frequently built in silo form – the shelves are used as a supporting element – but can also be integrated into an existing building.

High-bay warehouses characteristics:

  • Can be operated manually by forklift or automatically by stacker crane
  • Made up of individual lanes
  • Can be combined with picking stations
  • Can be connected to a conveyor system
  • Height: between 12 m and approx. 50 m
  • Capacity: from a few thousand spaces to several hundred thousand


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