Intralogistic Systems

Ingenious solutions for consolidating products by order

Picking systems

One of the core functions of a logistics system is efficient and optimal order picking. This involves consolidated individual pieces or packaging units of products by individual order. The entire range of goods stored in the warehouse must be able to be accessed in as short a time as possible in order for this to happen.

The best order picking concept for your company will be chosen based on the particularities of its operations and products. Size, weight, sensitivity, and number of products are also critical, as are the order picking output required and the available space.

The warehouse management system BSS-L supports all common and special order-picking principles for optimally fast and error-free order consolidation.

The possibilities:

“goods-to-person” picking:
  • picking guided by screen dialog or LED pointer and put-to-light
  • Multiple picking possible with multi-picking station for best efficiency

“person-to-goods” picking:
  • purely manual via order-picking pallet truck or cart
  • As a zone-to-zone picking system or pick-to-belt system with the help of sophisticated conveyor systems
  • With manual or automatic replenishment
  • Picking guided by pick slip, handheld, pick-by-light, or pick-by-voice



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