Intralogistic Systems

Space-saving and efficient storage of small parts

Automated mini-load or small parts warehouses (ASPW)

Automated mini-load or small parts warehouses (ASPW) are for efficiently storing small parts in containers, boxes, or trays and guarantee short access times, high handling performance, and optimal use of space.

The entire system works by the goods-to-person principle and consists, among other things, of a shelf system, stacker crane with load-handling attachment, materials handling technology, and control system. The goods are stored in steel shelves, on wall clips, or on shelves. A prerequisite for operating an ASPW is a suitable warehouse management system.

ASPW Characteristics:

  • Stores containers, trays, or boxes
  • Made up of individual lanes
  • Storage one or two rows deep
  • Operated by means of a fully automated
  • stacker crane for each lane
  • Can be combined with picking stations
  • Connected to materials handling technology
  • Flow rack channels can be integrated
  • Height up to approx. 25 m
  • Load up to approx. 300 kg


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