Individual projects » Fleet solution for automotive engineering


AGV fleet in the area of final assembly

Individual projects » Fleet solution for automotive engineering

Electromobility is on the rise. Many manufacturers now have to create the conditions for the automotive change in production. This is also the case in Zwickau, where the subsidiary of a large German OEM converted an existing hall in order to run the manufacturer’s first pure e-model off the production line. Here, the ROFA Group implemented a fleet of automated guided vehicles with the right converters for final assembly.

There are a variety of options for moving the bodies required for assembly to the production line. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are a particularly flexible solution. In contrast to rigidly linked conveyor lines, they can always adapt to changing conditions, for example if a successor model has different measurements and the assembly line has to be adjusted accordingly. The client wanted to take advantage of this flexible system and opted for a fleet of 36 platform trucks from the Caesar series from MLR System GmbH, combined with the matching chassis converters from ROFA AG. The AGVs have been in use in the Zwickau plant since the beginning of November 2019.


The vehicles used here are designed for loads up to 3 tons. In addition to their high flexibility, they are particularly agile and also score with excellent ergonomics. The vehicles have their own lifting table on board, the height of which can be moved. The body can be made available to the respective worker at the correct height for them from one manufacturing station to another. Another plus point: The Caesar AGVs can be moved omnidirectionally, i.e.they can drive in all directions, which is another advantage due to the often limited space. "The version of the Caesar series used here was designed and implemented 100% for its intended purpose in the Zwickau plant," emphasizes project manager Dennis Aigner. MLR works together with long-term partners for production, but before the entire series is produced, extensive simulations first take place. Especially difficult maneuvers were practiced with a test vehicle on a specially constructed test track.


A technical challenge for the experienced team of the ROFA Group to master: The chassis lifting units had to be incorporated into a third-party control center, the entire PLC was in the hands of another provider. This is how the first fleet was created, implemented purely in PLC technology. “It was a first for us, as we usually deliver the control center ourselves. But thanks to the cooperative atmosphere and the good interface coordination between all trades, the start of production ran smoothly,” says Dennis Aigner.


Customer: Large German OEM
Project: Transport solution final assembly
Contract volume: 4 million euros

Involved group companies:

  • MLR System GmbH: 36 automated guided vehicles (Caesar series)
  • ROFA AG: chassis lifting units

Project duration:
12 month


Driving course length: 300 m
Load transfer: Electric monorail conveyor, belt conveyors, timed assembly line
Number of vehicles: 36 Caesar EAA 3,0 Or
Navigation: optical tracking with data matrix
Load attachment device: Lifting table
Speed: 0.5 m/s
Transported goods: from chassis to automobile
Measurements (L x W x H): max. 4,600 x 1,840 x 1,621 mm
Max. Weight: 3,000 kg