Individual projects » Electric SUV assembly line Germany

Final assembly for electric SUV

Flexibility meets ergonomics

Individual projects » Electric SUV assembly line Germany
The triumphant advance of electric mobility is presenting production facilities with completely new challenges. This was also the case at a renowned Bavarian car manufacturer, where, for a new electric SUV, an innovative solution for the final assembly line was needed. The ROFA Group, with its full-service competence, was able to secure the coveted order.

Programmed for diversity

In the completely newly equipped plant, a variety of car models are produced every day. In addition to the new electric vehicles, models using the classic combustion engine and hybrid models also run through the assembly lines. The assembly lines are designed for a production of more than 850 units per day, therefore, flexible and intelligent conveyor technology was the customer's main requirement. "Although the conveyor technology is specifically designed for the electric SUV, it also has to function on a broader basis and remain open to future developments," says the ROFA AG sales representative, Robert Persterer. An example of this flexibility is provided by the new final assembly, where two different engine marriages are realised in two separate assembly areas on one assembly line using the same EMS carrier. In the automated assembly process, cars with both combustion engines and electric motors are produced using the same conveyor technology, which is recalibrated each time, from vehicle to vehicle.

Fit for Production 4.0

The seamless production of such a variety of models only works if the interface between the customer's control system and the controls of the conveyor system function smoothly. Each vehicle has an individual weight and individual dimensions, as well as many other parameters to which the conveyor system must adjust quickly and reliably. For this purpose, ROFA Controls has developed a two-channel safety control system that transmits data from the system control to the vehicles in real time and according to the zero-error principle.

The Group’s competence bundled

During the project, all those from the ROFA Group who were involved were able to fully use their individual strengths. The heavy-duty electric monorail system from ROFA AG adapts ergonomically to the employee current working, through the synchronous movement of the worker’s conveyor belt and the EMS carrier, ensuring maximum workplace safety. As the floors of the multi-story assembly hall have different heights, a compact EMS vehicle, without lifting function, had to be designed. For this purpose, MOLL Automatisierung developed a heavy-duty EMS that is able to climb and descend, thereby overcoming the height differences. Since there are no common attachment points in this particular system for the different car bodies, MOLL developed an alternative solution in which the robot station adjusts the attachments according to the different car types in an x or y direction. As a specialist for aggregate assembly, MOLL also delivered a customised solution for the electric motor and combustion engine marriages. Here, either the classic-drive or the high-voltage storage unit with E-drive are installed. An assembly line with continuous conveyors and synchronous worker conveyor belts on both sides and an automatic high-bay warehouse for engines (Engine Sequencer) round out the scope of what ROFA AG delivered.

Achieving top performance together

The long-standing cooperation and partnership-based exchange with the customer also proved to be a factor for the success of this project. The newly constructed assembly line was implemented during ongoing operation and impresses with pioneering solutions in terms of safety, ergonomics and flexibility. "The experience gained from past successful projects and the joint pursuit of best-in-market solutions are something that binds us closely to our clients," says Mr. Persterer.


Customer: Leading German car manufacturer
Project: Final assembly
Product: Fully electric premium SUV

Involved Group companies and subsidiaries
  • ROFA AG: Heavy duty rotation EMS with lifting unit, menrider belts, floor coneyors
  • MOLL Automatisierung: Automation, heavy duty EMS (climbable), marriage, engine sequencer
  • MLR System GmbH: AGV for assembly
  • ROFA Müvek: mechanical manufacturing
  • ROFA NOWA: design of conveyor technology and automation
  • ROFA Polska: design of steelwork
  • ROFA Controls: engineering and control technology

Project duration: 2019-2020

Products & Performance

Climbable heavy duty EMS
length: ~2,000 m
number of vehicles: 118 piece
other: automatic adjustment and locking station for suspension arms

Marriage station
electric marriage: installation of high-voltage storage and electric drive (battery)
conventional marriage: installation of power train, robot opening of suspension arms
other: stilt conveyor for assembly line

Engine sequenzer (automated high bay storage for engines):
2-column stracker crane with telescopic fork: 1 piece
number of storage locations: 24 pieces, expandable up to 34 piece

Installation of high-voltage storage (AGV)
length: ~ 200 m
number of vehicles with lifting table: 10 pieces

Heavy duty rotation EMS with lifting unit
length : ~750 m
number of vehicles: 72 piece

  • various two-column and four-column lifting stations
  • automatic loading and unloading stations
  • automatic loading / transfer floor conveyor system
  • camera platform

Menrider belts
length: 4 lines 90 m each
width: 4 m
covering: full rubber belt
additional line-oriented menrider belts: 2 lines 50 m each and 2 lines 100 m each, designed das plastic link belts

Mobile control technology (trolley control)
number of controls: 190 piece
modern two-channel safety control system for heavy duty EMS