Floor conveyor systems

PPC on double track

Powered pallet conveyors (PPC)

The powered pallet conveyor (PPC) has a rail-guided vehicle and is an extended version of the inverted monorail system on double track.

The new generation of powered pallet conveyors (PPC) by ROFA excel where high transport capacities and plant availability are required. Due to further developments of the proven express switches, 30% higher throughput rates can be achieved at neuraglic points by increased crossing speeds and faster switching times. Particularly the needs for more efficient storage pre-zones are met by the innovative system. Optimized vehicles allow smaller curve radii. Hence, less space is required for the track. The systems are flexible in desgin and expandable by additional vehicles at any time, what increases the system efficiency even more.

Where conventional pallet conveyors have their limits, the ROFA PPC is an extremely reliable and fast transportation system, especially for sensitive goods such as refrigerated products. The PPC can be operated in various temperature ranges and, depending on the application, can be equipped with guard rail and tilt safety device. A combination with a wide variety of load handling devices provides maximum variability. A connection to production or high-bay warehouse can be realized easily due to modular construction. In opposite to suspended systems (EMS), the floor-mounted construction is fully accessible for maintenance purposes and a steel construction is not required. Hence allow significant cost savings. The ROFA control concept is designed to be person-safe, features a freely programmable control unit with absolute position determination and distance control.

The powered pallet conveyor may be used to transport the most diverse loads. The PPC vehicle can be combined with various load handling devices. This versatility, a low overall height and the maximum possible speed allow a wide range of applications.

ROFA customizes each plant to the specific operating conditions of the customer. As experts for integrated system solutions, we deliver turnkey systems from a single source.

Powered pallet conveyors characteristics (double-track):

  • High throughput (up to 1,000+ jobs/hour)
  • Fast drive speeds (2 m/s)
  • High acceleration (0.5 m/s²)
  • Short switching times (2 s)
  • Low noise emission (<72 dB)
  • High Payload (up to 3 ton / 6,600 lbs)
  • Large selection of on-board conveyors (chain, belt, roller, shifting unit)
  • Flexible layouts possible (express-switches, turning switches, quattro-switches, lifting stations)
  • Small curve radius possible, curve radius 1,350 mm (track center line)
  • Track width adaptabel to requirements (SW600 / SW1000 / SW1500)


Our sales department will inform you in detail about the perfect solution for your needs.