Warehouse Technology

Efficient warehouse technology, whether automated logistics plants, high-bay warehouses, sorting systems, or picking solutions, consist of a number of components that must work in harmony. In order to meet the requirements, we plan and develop custom solutions based on innovative ideas and the most up-to-date technology.

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Stacker and mini-load cranes

The powerful “giants”

Stacker and mini-load cranes are used for automated handling of goods in high racks. Determining the running time, costs, and energy consumption – with consideration for resources for later extensions – helps with the optimal design for units. Stacker cranes are aisle-bound, track-guided vehicles equipped with one or two load-handling attachment(s) that handle carriers in a pallet high-bay warehouse, tray warehouse, or small parts warehouse.

Stacker cranes for curved tracks have a custom shape, and can serve multiple rack aisles or an entire warehouse by means of a switch system. In contract to the classic, aisle-bound variant, this shape is significantly more cost-effective, but provides less power.

If exceptionally high storage/retrieval capacity is needed for automated small parts warehouses – e.g., in connection with “goods-to-person” picking stations, as buffer storage, or for providing goods to production, assembly, or dispatch in precise order – shuttle systems are an ideal choice. They can also be integrated as an add-on into stacker cranes in an automated small parts warehouse.

Stacker and mini-load cranes characteristics:

  • Height: between approx. 3 m and approx. 45 m
  • Switch system: aisle-bound or multi-lane (for curved tracks)
  • Load weight: from 1 kg to 11,000 kg
  • Speed: up to over 300 m/min


  • High throughput
  • Economical
  • High energy efficiency if energy recovery options are used
  • Reliable

Alternative terms:

  • „stacker crane“
  • „storage and retrieval machine“ (S/R machine)


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