Pusher systems

Skillet systems

The principle of skillet systems is based on interconnected work platforms, which move in the operation flow. Automated units, which work in cycle operation, might be positioned within one system. These plants are erected flush with the level of the hall floor, where the power is supplied via bus bars or via induction.

The size and length of the platforms is variable for the configuration of plants. Platform drives and geometry are coordinated with dimension. The holders for workpiece carriers are connected to the platforms by adapter flange. This makes it possible to replace them with other holders later on. Lifting tables can be integrated into the platforms to make work processes ergonomic; these can be adjusted to the optimal working height depending on the assembly task.

Compared to conventional skillet systems, our systems offer many advantages and a large range of applications. Please contact our design engineers.

Skillet system characteristics:

  • The skillets can be moved in a longitudinal or transversal direction
  • The shuttle unit can be driven freely since the tracks are flush against the floor
  • The conveyors are fully covered along the assembly lines and can be entered
  • Installation in pit or at ground level (min. height 300 mm)
  • Workers can ride along on the platform
  • Low noise level
  • Inductive power supply to platforms (or, alternatively, via conductor line)
  • Frictional wheel drive
  • Speed continuously variable
  • Product receptors exchangeable
  • Continuous and cycle operation


Our sales department will inform you in detail about the perfect solution for your needs.