Special solutions for transport & more

Branche Papier, Druck & Verpackung
Paper, Printing & Packaging
The intralogistic transport of paper, printing materials or packaging requires sensitivity and frequently special vehicles in order to be able to pick up and unload the material undamaged. These challenges can often not be mastered with standard vehicles. Here we play to our strength in the individual construction of special vehicles that are precisely tailored to customer needs and the goods to be transported (e.g. large paper roll transports). Whether indoor or outdoor storage: We find the right transport system for every context, e.g. in the form of four-way or double forklifts. The integration of driverless transport systems in the existing storage environment and link to other components used complement our profile. We use LogOS, a control and guidance system that we developed ourselves.

Thanks to the strength of the ROFA Group, we can offer even more than excellent AGV solutions. We always have the optimization of your entire materials-handling technology in mind. Talk to us to discover your potential!