Industry pace makers

Branche Maschinenbau & Anlagenbau
Machinery & Plant Construction
Mechanical engineering is one of the strongest industries in Germany and is a leading driver of innovation. “German engineering” is an export hit of the German economy, and even topics such as Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory would be inconceivable without the engineering skills of mechanical and plant engineering.

We support this key industry in achieving its goals. Whether materials-handling systems for in-house material transport, systems for automated processes, or the necessary intralogistics systems: The ROFA Group is your reliable partner on the way to more efficient productivity. The group company MOLL deserves special mention here. With its excellently equipped machinery, the company can manufacture high-precision components of all types, functions, and sizes – we can even respond to special requests.

Even if you don’t need any design know-how from us, but are only seeking a manufacturing partner with whom you can produce, MOLL is the right place to go. With the job order production model, you have access to our machinery and save high investment costs; we in turn can fully utilize our machines to capacity. Both sides benefit from this.