High performance meets efficiency

Branche Lebensmittel & Getraenke
Food Industry & Beverages
The food industry is characterized by a constant price war and changing customer requirements. The challenges are particularly enormous in terms of freshness: The quickly perishable and sensitive products must be delivered to the markets in defined requested quantities just in time. Cold storage solutions are also important because the sensitive goods sometimes need to be stored in defined temperature zones. The pet food sector has very similar requirements and is equally growing rapidly. Standards are increasing, the variety of products is continuously developing. This leads to a need for more storage capacity and optimized intralogistics. When it comes to beverages, special topics such as protection against leaks, fall protection and easy maintenance of the system always play a role in the projects – we always take this into account when planning and flexibly adapt the delivery solution to the respective requirements.

For a large amount of different articles, which only need to be temporarily stored, the ROFA Group, with the participation of the companies BSS, DLS and ROFA AG, has developed a unique solution on the market: the Flowpicker®. This fully automatic, high-performance order picking system enables efficient handling of a wide variety of packaging types, from plastic containers through cardboard boxes to vegetable crates or retail trays. The smart flow storage system warehouse sorts the incoming products in such a way that they are put together just in time for the mixed pallets requested by the customer. The system also sets new standards in ergonomics. Depalletizing and palletizing is done by simply moving. The difficult process of picking up, carrying, and resetting the goods is a thing of the past. A health-friendly solution that is also interesting in terms of staff recruitment.

Find out more about our customized solutions! Upon request, we accompany you from construction of your warehouse or distribution center to adequate shipping or production logistics. And always have the right conveyor system ready.