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Chemical & Pharmaceutical
There are strict regulations in chemistry and pharmacy, and the requirements for efficient processes are high. As a full-service provider for intralogistic transport solutions, we have the right answers to these challenges. Our driverless transport systems are constructed exactly to the required cleanliness levels or are designed so that they meet the GMP and FDA regulations. But not only is the hardware tailored to customer needs, integration into the overall system is also one of our strengths. The control software solutions developed by us are compatible with all common storage systems and fit seamlessly into the existing IT landscape. Third-party vehicles and external conveyor elements can be easily integrated. Besides individual transport solutions, the ROFA Group also offers holistic intralogistics concepts for production, storage, and order picking in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The requirements are especially high in the pharmaceutical industry. With the boom in online pharmacies, efficient, secure solutions are more in demand than ever. Sensitivity to light and temperature play a role in the storage of sensitive products, as does the complete traceability of every batch within the entire supply chain. Because patient safety comes first! We provide you with convincing answers for this through our company BSS.

Thanks to the strength of the ROFA Group, we can offer even more: We always keep an eye on the optimization of the entire materials-handling technology so that your system is safe, reliable, and efficient. Talk to us to discover your potential!

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