Automation technology

Automation technology is focused on the automation of production plants and systems.

By applying sensors and intelligent signal processing technologies, it is possible to increase the efficiency of machines and systems, maximize production quality, minimize disruptions and reduce workforce costs. While in mechanization control and monitoring is handled by operators, in automation it is realized by automation software.

Morath is your expert for system controls that optimally meet your needs.

Electrified monorail systems (EMS)

Depending on the complexity of the vehicle functions, the vehicles are controlled and communicate via control rails (block points), rail buses (CAN bus, Profibus) or WLAN with leaky waveguide or broadband radio. Non-contact distance measuring systems are used for localization and positioning. The intelligent, safety-oriented vehicle control systems from Morath Automatisierung GmbH are perfectly tailored to the requirements of the automotive industry. The PLC system with WLAN or Profibus communication, in conjunction with barcode absolute path detection and compatible drive systems, enables precise driving functions and exact positioning for an optimized production process.

Floor conveyors

Programmable logic controllers and intelligent drive systems control the vehicles, while high-performance master controllers with PCs are responsible for the control, management and visualization of the floor conveyors. The high-quality floor conveyor control systems from Morath Automatisierung GmbH are perfectly suited to state-of-the-art production systems in the automotive industry.

Skid conveyor technology

Control systems from Morath Automatisierung GmbH with decentralized technology are ideally suited for this kind of application.

Automated conveyor handling systems

We provide the right control systems:

  • PLC systems with comprehensive Ethernet networks for controlling the conveyor technology, identification systems for the targeted control of the independently driven trolleys and recording the transport container data
  • PC systems for control functions, visualization, data management, data handling and data evaluation.

Storage and order picking systems

We offer you customized control systems. PLC and PC systems manage control, material flow recording and –management as well as logistics and guarantee efficient goods handling.

High-bay warehouses

In a high-bay warehouse, control systems from Morath Automatisierung GmbH ensure overview and structure. In addition to the conveyor technology in the pre-zone, they control the fully automated storage and retrieval systems and handle the identification of the goods and communication with the warehouse management system.

Paper transport systems

For the special requirements of the paper and paper processing industry, we have a special range of control systems with PLC and PC components. The control systems are fitted with modules for conveying elements such as slat conveyors, transfer trolleys, set-up devices, etc. as well as for measuring the paper rolls and surface of the front ends.

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