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Implementation & System Integration

We’ve developed a vision for the productivity of your future plant together. Now it’s time for a team of experienced experts to implement it while paying attention to all the important parameters. We have high quality standards in place and really know our way around framework parameters, such as building regulations or common requirements and standards for the industry. Even in hospitals and clinics, we’re one of the world’s leading providers with our AGVs.


Outdated plants are a risk that every company should take seriously. Classic weak points, such as outdated technologies, for which there are better alternatives. Or spare parts that are hard to find or aren’t even available anymore. Maintenance intervals become shorter and the repairs pile up, resulting in high costs, and on the IT side, the existing interfaces won’t work with new systems anymore. In the course of an upgrade (retrofit), we bring your plant back to the state of the art! With new components, a new electronics system, software updates, or an innovative energy concept, we not only ensure the availability system, but we also increase the performance of your in-plant logistics. We even upgrade third-party plants on behalf of customers.


With the multi-functional Logistics Operating System LogOS, MLR has developed its own control software to control your in-plant transport systems, monitor machines, coordinate and track material and goods flows, and organize and manage all common types of warehouse. External vehicles such as forklifts and cranes, as well as materials handling technology and high-bay warehouses, can also be integrated into the full system, in addition to elevators, fire safety doors, and safety equipment.

LogOS has standard interfaces for the common ERP and merchandise management systems, which allows it to be quickly and cost-effectively integrated into already existing IT structures. The high-performance software package LogOS is based on a modular design. This makes it quick and easy to implement adaptations and extensions. The ongoing further development of LogOS guarantees you a safe investment for the future.

LogOS base system

The LogOS base system has a large number of standard modules available. The self-explanatory graphic user interface can be dynamically expanded and can be adapted by the customer. A comprehensive graphic interface allows products to be tracked through the entire transport route.

LogOS modules

The LogOS base system can be expanded quickly and easily with the following modules to meet the specific requirements of your company and industry.


The powerful architecture software for automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) contains all the essential standard components for controlling automated guided transport vehicles. The management system administers all vehicles and work stations. It dispatches, controls, and monitors vehicles and order fulfillment, production data, and peripheral transport technology.

  • Dynamic route selection
  • Freely configurable vehicle types
  • Flexible driving course changes
  • Two-stage disposition
  • Extensive statistics modules
  • Tools for troubleshooting
  • Hot-standby systems for material flow and transport optimization


The LogOS material flow control system controls and coordinates the entire internal material flow. The module administers vehicles and work stations, monitors order fulfillment and production data, and controls peripheral transport technology.


The stacker management system is designed for use with human-operated means of transport, such as forklifts. The module organizes the entire order and transport disposition and integrates it into the material flow system.


Complete order management with freely formulated storage and retrieval strategies, material or batch-based retrieval, and returns capture, as well as storage level management and warehouse management.


The LogOS KLS commissioning management system perfects single and multi-stage commissioning with automatic replenishment controls.


In large scale block storage facilities, such as container terminals, the LogOS LOS module handles route optimization for transport vehicles.

LogOS Warehouse Manager

The LogOS WMS Warehouse Management System is a powerful software package with all the functions required by a modern, powerful system for managing and controlling complex warehouse structures. LogOS WMS manages any type of warehouses and simultaneously controls the use of means of transport on a cost basis. It also controls the material flows in production, spare parts supply, and shipping.


verwaltet beliebige Lagertypen und steuert gleichzeitig den kostenorientierten Einsatz der Transportmittel. Es steuert darüber hinaus den Materialfluss in der Produktion, die Ersatzteilversorgung und den Versand.

LogOS Communication Manager

Using LogOS Communication Manager, the status and any faults are forwarded via internal telephone or pager interfaces or by email or mobile phone to the technicians on call. This eliminates continuous supervision. The responsible employee is informed only in case of an event.