Special requests, in series

Our experienced sales experts are the first point of contact for potential collaboration. They’ll have a free initial consultation with you to determine the objectives and technical framework conditions for your transport needs. We’ll visualize the existing infrastructure, such as any conveyors, cranes, or external vehicles that will need to cooperate with our systems. The interfaces to software will also be checked; those to the warehouse management software, to warehouse management, and to the existing ERP systems. If you haven’t had any experience with AGV systems before, they’ll show you the many and varied advantages – from more efficient workflow to optimized staff deployment. It is on this basis that we’ll put together a detailed offer that will give you a good idea of the investment costs. If we move ahead with the project, you will be assigned to a permanent point of contact who will head up the project and assist you with all issues going forward.


An in-depth analysis of the performance of your current plant is crucial. During the performance check, we’ll examine the logistical processes in your company, analyze the goods and material flows, and identify weak points. In the next step, we’ll show you where optimization can be implemented and, if requested, compare your options with alternative transport and plant concepts. For a new project, we’ll draft processes to be scalable so they can be adapted to future requirements, right from the start.


Special solutions are our specialty. Because no two transport tasks are alike, every vehicle that our experienced design engineers develop for your application will be unique as well. The components, structures, and devices are calibrated perfectly for you to use later on. We’ll work with you to develop vehicles for special load handling attachments such as roller conveyors, telescopic or lift mast special constructions with metering or weighing equipment. For safe, accurate navigation in your environment, we also equip driverless vehicles with sensors, scanners, or RFID readers. All of our custom models will help you to profit from our long-standing connections in the market: we know which components have proven to be the best for your applications and which components will be the best to drive your custom fleet of vehicles.


You want investment security – before the new MLR vehicles are even integrated into your current goods or material flow concept. That’s why we run comprehensive, realistic simulations in advance. This allows us to identify any weak points or bottlenecks early on. In this way, you avoid expensive mistakes in planning and can estimate the potential and limits of your plants in advance. If you’ve never used Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) before, we’ll simulate your current material and goods flows and show you the performance of different transportation options. The resulting data base will help you to make the right choice for your investment.