Committed to the highest standards

Our goal is to offer customers tangible added value throughout the entire value chain. In this way, for example, we’ve introduced stainless steel as the standard material for customers in the clinic and hospital sector to satisfy the high requirements for hygiene and cleanliness. And that’s not all. We feature nearly 100% of vehicles individually configured by customers in our after-sales services profile, as well. With fast spare parts management, professional help in case of breakdowns, and training sessions on operating safety, we keep your plant running smoothly. You can learn about this and more in the > Service Range section.
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Through our active membership in the biggest national and international associations and task forces, we hope to further technological development around the world. MLR is a member of the following associations:

VDMA (German Engineering Association)

The “Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)” specialist department of the VDMA materials handling and intralogistics trade association serves the interests and issues of the manufacturers of (semi-)automated guided vehicles and systems www.vdma.org

VDI (Association of German Engineers) AGV technical committee)

Within the VDI Production and Logistics Association (GPL), the VDI AGV technical committee devotes itself to the technology and planning of AGV plants and the development of guidelines and technical regulations. www.vdi.de

Forum FTS

Interest group for the AGV industry. The group is made up of thirteen member firms from five European states (Belgium, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Austria). www.forum-fts.com


Interest group of companies who work on manufacturer-neutral, integrated planning of AWT plants. www.awt-kompetenz.de

Fraunhofer IML

The Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) implements research projects in the areas of material flow technology, warehouse management, business process modelling, and simulation-supported company and system planning. MLR is Fraunhofer IML’s partner in the industry. www.iml.fraunhofer.de