Phoenix Forklifts – Pfizer

Branche: Pharma
Fahrzeugart: Forklifts

MLR developed and implemented an automated guided vehicle system (AGVS) for the pharmaceutical company Pfizer that connects individual functional areas where production, filling, commissioning, packaging, storage, and shipping take place.
The Phoenix model vehicles navigate freely to transport loaded aluminum pallets and stainless steel containers and hazardous material containers. They are specially designed for use in the pharma industry, that is, in accordance with GMP guidelines. Two vehicles may travel in the medication production area, that is, in cleanliness class “D”, and the others in the areas of cleanliness class “E”.
Control of the automated guided vehicle system (AGVS) is handled by the LogOS management and control software from MLR. It manages all the vehicles and locations, load changes, workstations and battery charging stations, controls the installed rapid action doors, and monitors the fire protection doors and extinguishing system.

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