Phoenix fork trucks – Deutz

Branche: Automotive
Fahrzeugart: Forklifts

In 2009, MLR renovated the existing inductively guided automated guided vehicle system (AGVS) at the engine manufacturer Deutz. The retrofit increased the performance of 5,800 transport orders per day by about 65 percent for the overall plant.
The new AGVS, based on laser navigation, is the central transport system in the assembly building and has a large number of interfaces to each of the assembly systems. On the course, which is 6,800 meters long, there are 1,600 programmed transfer points, including 15 automated materials handling and loading systems. The 43 automated guided vehicles (AGV) operate over three shifts, up to six days a week, and handle up to 8,000 transport orders daily. The forks on the Phoenix series free-running fork trucks can reach up to 3.50 meters high to access the storage rack system. Four different fork devices are matched to different loading units: Transport boxes, lattice boxes, pallets in longitudinal and transverse orientation, large and small engines, and special racks.
The 1,600 transfer points and additional peripherals, such as materials handling systems, graphic interface systems, and various high-rack storage systems are integrated in the system by MLR’s proprietary control and management software, LogOS.

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