Caesar KLT vehicle – Aero Pump

Hochheim am Main
Branche: Production
Fahrzeugart: Platform

At Aero Pump, cleanliness plays a great roll. The company supplies the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries with metering and atomizing pumps. Instead of continuous conveyors such as roller conveyors or suspended tracks, Aero Pump decided to use an automated guided vehicle system (AGVS) from MLR for this reason.
The Caesar series transport vehicles travel automatically and transport containers with the plastic parts, supplying the production areas of incoming goods, injection molding, and assembly. Two belt conveyors are installed on each vehicle for receiving the containers. Altogether, the automated guided fleet performs up to 1,200 transport orders each day.
The system is controlled by LogOS management and control software from MLR. In addition to the AGVS, it also controls the fire protection doors and a rapid action door.

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