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Implementation & System Integration

Once your plant has been well planned out, implementation begins. Your project manager is now your constant point of contact as well, the person who makes sure project management runs smoothly with no gaps, coordinates all the crews, and keeps an eye on timing, your budget, and the documentation. Many plants – particularly those in the automotive industry – are implemented with the cooperation of other group companies, such as ROFA AG or MOLL Automatisierung GmbH. This ensures quality across the board.


If you request it, we’ll create a sample construction of the entire plant or parts of it so that the functional unit can be thoroughly tested before series production. Technical problems that might otherwise not be apparent until real operation can be anticipated in this way.


We believe in quality down to the last screw. What we don’t manufacture ourselves, we entrust to the hands of long-standing group service providers and sub-contractors for related products, who are just as internationally experienced as we are and take reliable delivery and punctuality just as seriously as we do: We coordinate every detail of the production process, personally monitor production status and quality, and dictate the exact conditions and sequence of delivery. This means that in many cases, we can get good prices with these globally active partners, such as on freight costs. Benefits that we’ll naturally pass on directly to you!


Our installation department will be on site during commissioning. The team is the point of contact for our customers, our suppliers, and other crews involved in the project. We install our deliveries ourselves or cooperate with sub-contractors whose quality is 100% trustworthy. As a general contractor, we likewise take care of integrating control and safety technology into the entire plant. This is done in accordance with the respective applicable laws and policies in the country of installation. Whenever possible, we perform installation work at the same time as running operation. Plant vacations and night shifts are also taken into consideration so that operation can continue to run without interruption. Our goal is to ensure your productivity!

After production has started successfully, the stage begins where we stabilize the plant and guide it through production. Then we work through any outstanding issues with you or coordinate to correct any remaining defects that may be present so that you can issue acceptance without defects for the entire plant once its availability has been established.