Good preparation is everything!

We begin our collaboration by working with you to define the framework conditions. What are your productivity goals? What are the technical specifications? Where do you want your plant to be built, and what special considerations need to be kept in mind for the site? Our experienced sales engineers will ask the right questions to put together a detailed offer. When you place an order with us, we’ll establish a project manager who will be your point of contact from then on. Your advantage with us: flat hierarchies, quick decision processes, clear competencies, and passionate dedication to finding the best solution possible.


You won’t find products off the rack at ROFA-LEHMER. We design unique materials handling solutions that meet your needs exactly and our team thinks about what the solutions of tomorrow could look like, beyond day-to-day business. We set new standards for profitability and energy efficiency, and are continually working on optimizing our designs in the long run.


Detail design work is one of our strengths. The group leader is the interface between project management on one side, and their teams, production, and electrical planning on the other. This closely interlinked relationship between all the crews helps us to ensure that we think of everything we can right away in the planning stage that will be important for implementation on site and real operation. Simulations are also an important tool in this context: with the latest software, we simulate plant operation with all its components, even before actual commissioning. In this way we can detect any need for optimization early on and address it accordingly.