Phoenix fork truck – Käserebellen GmbH

Branche: Food
Fahrzeugart: Forklifts

At the Bavarian cheese producer Käserebellen GmbH, MLR installed an automated guided vehicle system (AGVS) that, in addition to the actual transport orders, runs through a detailed cheese care program for each of the 120,000 blocks of cheese.
The Phoenix series fork truck is made of stainless steel and travels freely to service the refrigerated and ripening storage areas, load and unload the cheese processing machine, and bring the racks to shipping to be packed. When the automated guided vehicles (AGV) pick up a stack with blocks of cheese, they identify them automatically using a barcode reader and transfer the data to the LogOS warehouse management software from MLR, which manages the cheese in the ripening storage area on a batch basis and ensures that the cheese care program is executed precisely. This means that every lot can be traced all along the logistics chain, and it can be determined at any time when, where, and by whom the products have been received, manufactured, processed, stored and transported.

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