Phoenix Coil vehicle – Küster Druck

Branche: Paper, Printing & Packaging
Fahrzeugart: Other

An MLR automated guided vehicle system (AGVS) transports paper rolls from the roll storage area to the roll changers at the printing lines in the Küster print shop.

The Phoenix series vehicle uses laser navigation and has a telescoping mast and prismatic forks. Raising and extending the mast, closing the prismatic forks, detecting the roll diameter, and lifting and retracting the roll all take place with high precision in order to avoid damaging the sensitive surface of the paper roll, which can weigh up to two tonnes.

Due to the tight space constraints, the four-wheel vehicle can travel both forward and backward, as well as sideways and diagonally.

Control of the automated guided vehicle system (AGVS) is handled by the LogOS management and control software from MLR.

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