Phoenix Forklifts – Taller

Branche: Production
Fahrzeugart: Forklifts

Taller is a leading global supplier of cable assemblies. Ninety percent of their jumper plugs are exported.

An automated guided vehicle system (AGVS) from MLR transports the various raw parts, semi finished goods, and finished goods between the existing high-rack storage system and shipping area and the individual production areas such as the turning ship, galvanics, and paint shop. The Phoenix series fork trucks are equipped with a duplex lift mast and navigate freely to pick up the pallets to be transported at the storage locations, even from floor level, and move them to one of the approximately 60 drop-off destinations. Oversized pallets are also picked up at the discharge conveyor of the high-rack storage system. The automated guided vehicle (AGV) detects the special sizes and automatically moves them to the drop-off locations reserved for them.

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