Phoenix Forklifts – Bayer

Branche: Pharma
Fahrzeugart: Forklifts

At the pharmaceutical manufacturer Bayer, automated guided vehicles (AGV) connect the high-rack storage system, production, packaging, and shipping. A total of 38 vehicles transport raw materials, partial packages, finished products, packaging material, and waste on wooden and aluminum pallets of various sizes.
The vehicles navigate freely and move automatically along the over 11-kilometer-long route, passing through the airlocks with rapid action doors that are typical of the pharmaceutical industry and separate areas with different cleanliness classifications from each other. MLR provided four GMP-compliant wide-track stackers. This means that the vehicles are manufactured in accordance with the cleanliness regulations that are mandatory in the pharmaceutical industry. Two of these vehicles operate within a closed area for product storage in the higher cleanliness class RK-E.
The LogOS management and control system installed by MLR controls the automated guided vehicle system (AGVS) and handles all critical tasks, such as vehicle dispatching, right-of-way management, minimizing unladen trips by forecasting orders, battery monitoring with forecasted battery charges, graphic interface, and statistics. It also coordinates the rapid action and fire protection doors.

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