Phoenix Container vehicle – Podrávka

Branche: Food
Fahrzeugart: Other

An automated guided vehicle system (AGVS) automatically meters and dispenses raw materials at baby food manufacturer Prodravka.

The Phoenix series automated guided vehicle takes empty stainless steel containers from a stationary conveyor, moves them to each of the total of 22 filling stations and receives a precisely defined amount of powdered raw materials there. Four weighing cells are integrated in the lift equipment of the vehicle that automatically determine the amount added during filling. The measured values are transmitted to the stationary controller that controls and monitors the metering process. If the correct amount of raw material is present in the container, the transport vehicle is sent to freely navigate to the next destination. In order for the cover of the container to be closed when traveling, the engineers at MLR developed a special attachment that can be used to open and close container covers.

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