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ROFA集团代表着运输系统,自动化技术,内部物流和特殊机器制造领域的一手交钥匙解决方案。 对于我们的客户,我们计划并实施新系统,在世界范围内以及在众多行业中的现有系统的现代化转换。 在颠覆性变化时期,我们为您如何提高生产环境或内部物流流程的效率提供令人信服且富于想象力的答案。



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  • LogiMAT 23 – We say THANK YOU and look back on three successful days in Stuttgart / GermanyLogiMAT 23 – We say THANK YOU and look back on three successful days in Stuttgart / Germany11. 5月 2023See some impressions here:https://vimeo.com/825802188 In addition to presenting our intralogistics innovations, we were able to gather many exciting impulses from conversations with our visitors this year. [...]
  • Change in Management at ROFA CONTROLS ROMANIA S.R.L.Change in Management at ROFA CONTROLS ROMANIA S.R.L.15. 2月 2023Christian Halmbacher (ROFA INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION AG) and Flavius Cizmariu (ROFA CONTROLS ROMANIA S.R.L.) With immediate effect, Mr. Flavius Cizmariu takes over the operational management of ROFA CONTROLS ROMANIA S.R.L. based in Timişoara / Romania. The goal of the new management under Mr. Cizmariu is to develop, jointly with Mr. Christian Halmbacher (ROFA INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION AG), the subsidiary in Timişoara as a group service provider. Flavius Cizmariu brings years of experience in management positions and a deep understanding of the needs of our customers. We are convinced that he is a valuable addition to our corporation and will quickly find his place in his new role. Christian Halmbacher will be the interface and contact person for the company from Germany. The ROFA Group company ROFA CONTROLS ROMANIA S.R.L. in Timişoara / Romania supports the further development and refinement of our control technology as well as the final assembly of ROFA’s own vehicle control systems. This enables us to offer our customers comprehensive and innovative solutions. More about ROFA CONTROLS ROMANIA S.R.L. [...]
  • ROFA AG Expands Partnership as Main SponsorROFA AG Expands Partnership as Main Sponsor13. 2月 2023ROFA AG has extended its partnership with the Starbulls Rosenheim for an additional four years. ROFA has been part of the Starbulls family since 2019 and will remain the main sponsor until 2026. ROFA INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION AG is present through a large stadium name on the facade of the Rosenheim ice rink, as well as an advertisement on the new LED band and LED wall in the stadium. The logo additionally shines on the ice band in the TV area, as well as on the lower ice advertising and seats in the Bulls Lounge. ROFA is also present as the main jersey sponsor on the jerseys of all youth teams. “Great success to expand such an important partnership” “I am very happy that we were not only able to extend our existing partnership with ROFA AG, our main sponsor, for two more years, but also to expand it. Together, we will not only take on the 2022/23 season, but also the competitions up to 2026 and advance joint projects. The partnership with ROFA is characterized by great commitment and trust and is not limited to our first team. ROFA AG is present on the jerseys of all youth teams and fully supports us and the entire ice hockey location in Rosenheim. I am excited that we will continue bringing Rosenheim ice hockey a step forward in the future”, said Darwin Kuhn, Sponsoring Manager of the Starbulls Rosenheim. Stadium name as a lighthouse in the region “The cooperation between two institutions from the region is about to enter the next round. We are very proud, especially in view of the infrastructural renovations in the stadium, that we continue to present the stadium name for a more modern and multifunctional stadium. The ROFA Stadium, the excellent atmosphere, and the strong work in the youth are a lighthouse in the region, as well as in all of ice hockey Germany. With the new LED band and the lower ice advertising, we were able to expand our partnership with two new media and thus become even more visible in the stadium. It is important to us that we are not only present in the stadium, but also in youth work and as the main jersey sponsor of all youth teams, we want to contribute to the success. We are entering a joint future with the Starbulls Rosenheim e.V. with great enthusiasm and looking forward to many joint projects”, said Andreas Bauer, CEO of ROFA AG. [...]