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Implementation & System Integration

Whether it’s a greenfield or brownfield project: ROFA AG has experience to draw on from many projects implemented worldwide and recourse to its own capacities, as well as a solid network of reliable partners to bring yours to realization. Our project managers always keep an eye on costs, timing and quality requirements and always have an open ear for your concerns.


We develop our true strength through the interaction of development and production. Both areas are closely interlinked at ROFA AG and in the entire Group. The company’s own application facility is only a few steps away from the design offices, which means timely arrangements can be made at any time. The invaluable advantage is that we can anticipate technical problems that would otherwise only become apparent in actual operation. Thanks to the extensive opportunities to test and optimize prototypes you are protected from nasty surprises during final assembly. This often takes place under extreme time pressure and that’s exactly why perfect preparation is the decisive factor here.


Quality across the board is our principle. In addition to our in-house production, we have been working successfully with selected suppliers for many years. We know the contacts here, the quality of the work, can rely on punctual delivery and an outstanding price-performance ratio. Also in international projects, where customs regulations and freight costs play an important role, we pass on the advantages directly to you. Both internal and external production are subject to continuous quality monitoring, carried out by our purchasing department in coordination with the design department.


The commissioning of your solution with all components through to the control-side integration is carried out by highly competent assembly personnel, mostly from our own ranks or in cooperation with conscientiously selected subcontractors. A dedicated site manager is always present at the construction site and available for you to contact. We know from countless projects that there is high voltage at the moment of commissioning. Now everything has to run like clockwork so that you can work seamlessly with the newly implemented solution. We of course use suitable time windows, such as night shifts or plant holidays for the final assembly, so as to impact your productivity as little as possible.