Your requirements are our standard

At the beginning of a potential collaboration there is a discussion with our sales engineers. They know the market, identify your needs and begin talking with the internal trades in the group to develop an offer. We discuss design requirements, suitable technologies and feasibility aspects in production in advance in order to give you maximum transparency and cost security. If we can convince you of our capabilities, we will provide you with an experienced project manager as your central point of contact. The principle of “one face to the customer” applies throughout the entire collaboration to simplify the handling of the project for you. In putting together the project team, we have recourse to the best experts from our entire ROFA Group network. Thanks to flat hierarchies, short decision-making processes and clear responsibilities, we are able to guide your project to success quickly and efficiently.
Forschung & Entwicklung


Each plant brought to realization with us is unique. When we embark on a new task, we have the experience from numerous previous projects in mind and know exactly where to start in order to bring about the best solution for your requirements. In the search for innovative approaches, patents that set new standards in the market often emerge. But that’s not all. In addition to day-to-day business, we work independently on individual product groups so we can provide them even more cost-effectively and efficiently. And this is how we secure your competitive edge in the future too.
Konstruktion & Simulation


Many of our design team leaders have been with the company for a long time and are well acquainted with customer standards and specifications. They coordinate all the teams involved in the overall design and maintain regular contact with the control technology and electrical systems, which are just as essential for your future plant. We work with the latest software in both the design and the simulation. This not only gives you a vivid idea of the future product, but you also know that the designs have really been put through their paces and will meet with your requirements in practice too! Our profile is rounded off by consistent quality management through all phases of the project.