INEOS starts production of Grenadier at Hambach with new conveyor technology

Karosserie eines INEO Grenadier in einer ROFA Elektrohängebahn

INEOS Automotive has announced the start of production of its new 4×4 SUV, the INEOS Grenadier, at its Hambach plant in France.

According to INEOS Automotive, an additional €50 million was invested in the plant, which was modernized multiple times during the Daimler era, after the purchase.

The new production has been specifically designed for the INEOS Grenadier and includes a fully automated body in white line, a semi-automated painting line, and an assembly line. The final assembly was refurbished by ROFA INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION AG, who already realized the final assembly for the last Smart model in 2013. In 2020, this facility was adapted by ROFA to a possible MFA 2 Meredes series, which however never went into production as the plant was acquired by INEOS in the meantime.

ROFA INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION AG has been a renowned and reliable partner for the Hambach plant for many years. The automation expert from Kolbermoor already realized the first facility for the smallest model, the Smart, and now the conveyor technology for the largest vehicle, the Grenadier.

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