Your wish is our command

What do you need to be fit for future requirements? What productivity goals do you want to achieve? What are the technical specifications at play? Our sales engineers will ask the right questions right away in the initial consultation. We integrate design and production at an early stage, discuss technologies and possible applications in order to put together a detailed offer. Once you give us the green light, the collaboration begins. A project leader is assigned who will be available to you as a point of contact for the entire project period. No matter how many experts from the group we consult, the structure will remain simple for you, through and through. Thanks to short routes, clear competence distribution, and well orchestrated project teams, you’ll achieve your goal in minimum time.

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

We offer custom improvement and optimisation options following analytical examination of the tasks in order to contribute more deeply to the design process. This way, reliable solutions will be produced quickly in cooperation with our customers.

More about CAE

Research & Development

We do not offer mass-produced goods, only custom designed and implemented solutions. These in-house developments often result in patents that give fresh impetus to the markets. Our team of developers stays on the ball even outside of daily business, and is always continuing to optimize existing components to give you a competitive advantage.

Design & Simulation

Our design teams are flexible and composed differently based on project needs. Another plus at MOLL: the high level of staff constancy. Many of our employees have been with the company for a long time and therefore highly familiar with your specifications. Design, control technology, electrical systems, and production are the subjects of ongoing dialog so that all factories are working hand in hand. But before we implement your plant in practice, we run detailed simulations to put its functionality to the test. Quality assurance is performed continuously throughout the process by a specialist team directly under management.