We deliver productivity on the dot

Implementation & System Integration

Every project has to prove its ability in the implementation stage. Even now, your project leader holds the reins. They monitor timing and adherence to budget, coordinate all factories, and are available as a point of contact. No matter where in the world you want to implement your plant, you can trust in the strength of the ROFA Group and a reliable, quality-tested network of suppliers on site.

Design of prototypes

At MOLL, development and production are interlinked with each other in exemplary fashion. Even as early as the development stage, our construction experts are always stopping in at one of our six production halls to check feasibility and run prototype tests with their colleagues from Production. This allows for optimum interface handling and for technical problems to be identified and eliminated early on. Because the one thing we want to avoid at all costs is unwanted surprises at the building site.


Vertical integration is one of MOLL’s biggest strengths. Milling, turning, lasering, welding, cutting, drilling, surface treatment, coating, installing: the whole spectrum is available to you when you work with us. In six production halls on over 10,000 m², we overcome every technical challenge and budget capacities so that your project is finished right on time. Naturally this includes high flexibility and quality as well as reliable delivery scopes.

We’ve also made a name for ourselves as a provider for job order production. This is where we provide our machinery and our staff’s expertise, and save you from having to make costly investments. In addition to in-house production, we’ve been cooperating with trustworthy suppliers for years, who meet our – and of course your – high requirements completely.


Every moment and action counts during commissioning. A certain amount of groundwork pays off at this point. We are on site with a building manager, and installation itself and the integration of controls are done by competent staff. Whenever possible, we perform the work during running operation so that your productivity is not impacted. Night shifts and work vacations – even in the automotive sector – can also be used as suitable time windows.