Phoenix fork trucks – Moguntia-Gruppe

Branche: Food
Fahrzeugart: Forklifts

The Moguntia Group specializes in spice mixtures and operates production locations in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland and Poland.

As part of a newly built spice plant at the Austrian subsidiary Haya MLR conceived and installed an automated guided vehicle system (AGVS).

The Phoenix series fork trucks navigate freely and pick up batch containers from a stationary conveyor and bring them to one of a total of 90 silo discharge stations. The automated guided vehicles (AGV), which are equipped with a patented cover opening unit, dock to a silo with the batch container and accept the amount recorded in the recipe. There are weighing cells and evaluation units on the lift equipment that automatically weigh the amount added during filling.

The LogOS management and control software from MLR controls the door and locking systems in the spice plant in addition to the automated guided vehicle system (AGVS).

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