High-performance – for the plant’s whole lifespan

We provide you with guidance for the entire service life of your plant in order to guarantee consistent availability and safety of the installed system. Regular maintenance and installing original wear and spare parts will help preserve your plant’s value and prevent breakdown related to wear. We take on the job of performing the necessary inspections and repair work, both in the form of individual maintenance and as part of maintenance contracts with established intervals. The quality of our services is ensured by regularly training our staff. Our service packages, tailored to your wishes, also include access to our service hotline and remote services. With our service network and our proactive remote service, we’re able to offer you fast support in the event of problems.

An overview of our service and support range:

  • Custom maintenance and service contracts
  • Up to 24/7 reachability, 365 days a year
  • Direct contact to our specialists
  • Fast reaction times: Immediate help via online access or through our BSS hotline
  • On-site service for fast, professional error analysis and troubleshooting
  • On-site guidance through a central point of contact
  • Documentation of all error messages and corrections
  • Customer-specific training packages
  • Spare parts service
  • Maintenance service
  • Repair service


The reliability of your plant is the key to your success. The timely availability of spare parts in this context is extremely important. Being able to identify the installed components easily allows us to quickly figure out which spare parts or conversion parts are needed, and bring them to you as quickly as possible. Use our service center to place orders for spare parts and send us what you need!

Use our service section to order spare parts and send us your requirements! | Fax: +49 212 2356-300
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With a comprehensive service offer, we ensure that your plant works safely and reliably for you throughout its lifespan. Our competent and qualified staff also perform essential checks and inspections in addition to repair work.

Overview of our service module:

  • Module I – shelf inspection
  • Module II – DGUV V3 check
  • Module III – Profibus/Profinet measurement
  • Module IV – height rescue
  • Module V – technical cleaning
  • Module VI – maintenance and repair
  • Module VII – proactive monitoring


To make sure you can operate our plants perfectly and be entrusted with the technical details, we will train your employees before each commissioning. Plant briefing is practice-oriented and given by our experienced specialists for optimum usability. The topics cover customer-specific operator dialogs, interfaces to the host and PLC, hardware, safety concepts and essential server processes, reports, accompanying documents, and statistics.

The focal point of training is how to handle the plant if stacker cranes or conveyor technology break down. You’ll receive extensive documentation from us for each facility, which describes every process to the smallest detail.