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Implementation & System Integration

You have a vision for your productivity in the future – we make it a reality. Whether you envision building a completely new plant, want to get your existing plant into shape with a retrofit, or want to achieve a higher level of automation, We bring our bundled experience from numerous projects and design a plant that corresponds to your requirements 100%. We’re even happy to take on the control, organization, and management of your material flow and offer scalable solutions for these.


We don’t just plan the inner workings of your warehouse for you, we’re also your experienced partner when it comes to constructing the building infrastructure that goes with it. We work with a team of architects and engineers to plan production and warehouse halls, offices, and automated warehouse systems for you. From small add-ons to erecting large logistics halls and centers, we offer all services from one source and are there to guide you, from the first draft to structural work, all the way to turnkey delivery.

Naturally our biggest priority for extension projects is for running operation to be impaired as little as possible and carefully protect the renovation area. Our team leader will supervise your project throughout the planning and production stage, and be available to you as a consistent point of contact at all times. We’re glad to suggest resource-friendly and energy-efficient options to meet your sustainability requirements!

Upgrading & extensions

Intralogistics processes are prone to major changes. As new technologies and software solutions come onto the market, the distribution of goods becomes more demanding. This makes it all the more important to think about upgrade concepts and extensions early on to keep your system running strong, because a state of the art storage system is much more efficient, economical, and energy-saving. Retrofit measures can increase the lifespan of your existing plant by about 10 to 15 years. You’ll achieve the latest state of the art and profit from having a secure supply of spare parts. We work with you to plan the various steps or upgrading or building extensions and develop just the right concepts that can often be implemented during running operation.

Which plant components can we upgrade for you?

  • Steel construction
  • Materials handling technology
  • Control technology including sensors and drives
  • Warehouse management software
  • Interfaces to other systems
  • IT components such as mobile devices, scanners, etc.


Dynamics, adaptability, and high speed in developing your storage processes are all part of a consumer world increasingly organized by digital means. It takes all components working together in perfect harmony to create the highest level of efficiency, increase output, and handle the growing variety in an efficient manner. We determine the right level of automation for you (semi- or fully automated warehouse) and implement the plants for you, with turnkey delivery, as a general contractor – with all the necessary facilities such as structural work, steel construction, roof and wall panels, building services, automation technology, computer technology, and assorted auxiliary services.


BSS offers you a complete package with all the necessary hardware and software components for managing, controlling, and organizing your logistics processes. This includes warehouse management software, material flow controls, and plant visualization. Our BSS-WMS system is suitable for both small, semi-automated warehouses and high-performance logistics plants, and can be adapted over time based on growth and new processes. It can easily be configured and integrated into other systems.

BSS-L. The warehouse management software.

Our certified warehouse management software, BSS-L, is based on a modular design and provides all the features you need for the perfect flow of goods, from incoming goods receipt, warehouse management and picking, all the way to dispatch.
BSS-L is our warehouse management software and is precisely adapted to the work process of your warehouse. The user interface is based on the Explorer and is functionally structured.
Our safety concept meets the two key issues “data security” and “high availability. The failover cluster with standby server is also monitored 24×7 by proactive monitoring.

Service areas:
  • User-friendly dialog and navigation
  • Use of the latest Oracle and operating system versions
  • Paperless picking systems, e.g. Pick-by-Light, Pick-to-Light, Put-to-Light, Pick-by-Voice, radio data transmission system
  • Pick & Pack (picking directly into cardboard box)
  • Multi-Picking (parallel commissioning of several customer orders)
  • Integration of peripheral systems (e.g. weighing, labelling, cardboard
  • straightening, lidding, strapping system or delivering note inserters)
  • Double / multiple depth storage
  • Materials- handling technology
  • Automated mini-load warehouses
  • High bay warehouses
  • Aisle-bound and curve adapting stacker cranes (RBG)
  • Lateral automated mini-load warehouse commissioning
  • Simple connection to superordinate and subordinate software
  • High integration capability in SAP
  • Interfaces to all common ERP systems

BSS-M. The material flow computer.

Our material flow computer, BSS-M, coordinates all warehouse and conveyor technology elements and controls the entire in-plant material flow. BSS-M synchronizes strategies from the PLC and the warehouse management software perfectly with each other, guaranteeing you optimum performance and the best possible behavior from your logistics system.

BSS-S. The warehouse control system.

BSS-S is our tried and tested, future-proof control system for all types of retrieval vehicle and materials handling technology. The system handles all monitoring and control tasks at a subordinate level. Components for the warehouse controls are projected and implemented in our own departments.

Clear structures and an exceptionally slim design (only one control level) ensure easy handling despite extensive basic functions and a variety of special functions, such as tandem mode for shelf vehicles or special refrigerated facilities that are required in many cases.

In order to track the status of your logistics plant in real time, you’ll receive a process visualization (WinCC, Visam) from us. All warnings and error messages for the controls will be recorded and evaluated here.

Our “BSS WebNavigator” allows you to view the visualization at different computer stations.

These include:

  • Drive levels, motors, controllers
  • Sensors/actuators
  • Scanners
  • Control cabinets
  • Operating consoles (HvO terminals)
  • General plant installation
  • Wiring
  • Special facilities
  • PLC technology