Rossmann – Chemist chain with state-of-the-art distribution centre

Client: Rossmann Logistikgesellschaft mbH
City: Landsberg
Country: Germany
Industry: Trade
Automated mini-load warehouse, Bin conveyor technology, High-bay warehouse, Pallet conveyor technology

BSS expanded the east-German distribution centre for Germany’s third largest chemist chain. This concerns the entire control equipment and the material flow computer for a seven-aisle, double-depth high bay warehouse with pallet order picking, including automated restocking using 4 STC. BSS also controls the monorail overhead track which connects the high bay warehouse to order picking. As a result of a simulation the pallet transports with 60 carriages will be optimised to realise a high throughput with as few switch operations as possible.

A nine-aisle, double-depth automated small parts storage for containers is connected to the processing area and the despatch stations by the handling equipment. The automated small parts storage includes high-capacity order picking with 3,780 channels. The pick-by-light system is divided into 36 zones with the option of expanding the facility by 1,296 displays. The MFC is controlled by a high-availability cluster server.

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