Leineweber – Double-depth carton automated small parts storage in the clothing industry

Client: BRAX Leineweber GmbH & Co. KG
City: Herford
Country: Deutschland
Industry: Fashion / textile
Automated mini-load warehouse, Bin conveyor technology

The new distribution centre for the area Brax-Knitwear was equipped by BSS with a two-aisle, double-depth automated small parts storage for buffering cartons of different sizes filled with textiles. The carton handling equipment also connects a flow rack installation for the pre-order picking area. Order picking islands integrated into the flow racks are planned for the handling equipment. The order cartons are picked at these islands and transported to a different level to the automated small parts storage for intermediate storage or directly to the despatch zone.

The BSS material flow computer has the task of carrying out the shipping orders from the customer WMS, i.e. for delivering the cartons to the target stations and tracking their path it will only enable the move command for the cartons when the target station and the path are clear. A comfortable visualisation displays all installation states and error messages in real time.

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