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Our comprehensive approach

Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers performs engineer work for global projects within the ROFA Group. Our strengths come into play particularly in the area of steel construction, mechanical equipment, control technology and project management. In doing so, we use a wide range of products used in internal transport in many industries. We fully implement projects from preparing the offer, to production and both mechanical and electrical installation, to commissioning. Our specialist knowledge and innovative spirit make the difference here: we design solutions that meet the needs of our customers, and are continuously working on optimizing our projects. An important tool is the simulations we use. With the most modern software, we simulate the system’s work with all its components before it actually goes into operation. In this way we can identify the need for optimization early on and address it accordingly.
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Advice and planning

A high degree of trust and reliable planning are the foundation for the success of the entire project. As early as the offer preparation phase, the customer’s specific standards and requirements are taken into careful consideration. We listen, ask questions, and advise. Together with you, we establish the conditions for executing the project. We analyze the work flow in the individual phases for optimal achievement of your goals. Every project is supported by a competent project coordinator. This is also the person responsible for carefully planning and executing the project down to the last detail.
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Implementation and System Integration

During implementation, we focus on the collective action of our team. It is their high qualification, their dedication, and their extensive professional experience that allows the process to start smoothly. Add to this the extensive technical possibilities we have on site for thoroughly testing the system’s functionality even before implementation. This allows us to identify and eliminate technical issues even before commissioning.

During commissioning, your project coordinator will always be on site to talk directly with you, suppliers, and installers. As a general contractor, we also monitor the integration of control and safety technology into the overall system. We take care of making sure this is done in accordance with applicable laws and guidelines in the country of execution. Installation work is done in parallel to running operation as much as possible; even vacation breaks and night shifts are incorporated into our schedules and utilized productively.

The quality of our services is always our highest priority. We work with trustworthy suppliers and sub-contractors who focus on the reliability of services and punctual delivery just as much as we do. Depending on the destination, the project will be executed with the help of our own supplier network or companies in the ROFA Group, with precise quality control completing the spectrum. The exact conditions and order of deliveries will be coordinated with the Purchase department so that the process can be executed smoothly.
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Throughout the entire project, we will be available to provide help and guidance and to guarantee the maximum efficiency and functionality of our systems. Even after the system has been commissioned, we offer extensive services, including recommended maintenance, inspections, and audits conducted by trained personnel.