Phoenix Coil vehicle – Mitsubishi Paper

Branche: Paper, Printing & Packaging
Fahrzeugart: Other

At the paper manufacturer Mitsubishi HiTec Paper, an automated guided outdoor vehicle handles transportation of the 4.70 meter long, 14 tonnes reels from the coater to loading, and the return of the empty winding cores.

Because the vehicle travels part of the transport route outdoors, MLR conceived of the 12 meter long freely navigating Caesar series platform truck as a special outdoor vehicle. To protect the sensitive material being transported, the transporter is completely designed to meet protection class IP54 and has an automatic sliding cover.

Another vehicle transports paper rolls that have already been cut longitudinally to the transverse cutting machines. After they are cut into smaller rolls and format paper, the complete packaged parts are distributed to the shipping points by a total of six automated guided vehicles.

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