Pfeifer & Langen – Sugar production with handling equipment link

Client: Pfeifer & Langen Polska S.A.
City: Sroda (Polen)
Country: Polska
Industry: Food
Pallet conveyor technology

BSS as general contractor is planning the addition to the sugar production plant of Pfeifer & Langen in Poland. Nine sugar packing machines are to be linked via handling equipment to 2 transverse distribution carriages for Euro and Düsseldorfer pallets. Supply conveyor paths to two pallet winding machines and automatic labelling machines are to be set up.

In the MFC control centre from BSS, items are allocated to the production lines or processing identifiers are set for the pallets. The higher-level SAP system manages product master and production order data. The MFC checks whether the target locations are free and reports pallets received by the handling equipment to SAP. Work stations equipped with radio scanners in PC cabinets allow handling of special items or defective pallets. The visualisation displays all installation states and errors in real time.

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